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BBC Primary History – The Vikings

Key Stages 1 – 2

Found on the website are videos, photos and Teacher’s Notes to support the topics listed below and many others:

Family Life, Viking Raiders, Vikings at Sea, Vikings at home and Beliefs and Stories

bbc the vikings

BBC The Vikings

Key Stages 1 – 2

This website provides teachers with background information to support the following topics:
Raiders & Settlers and Viking Culture

bbc hands on history

BBC Hands on History – The Vikings

Key Stages 1 – 2

Hands on activities include Making a Viking longship, Design a Viking longship figurehead and Making a Viking helmet.

bbc learning

BBC Bitesize The Vikings

Key Stages 1 – 2

The site contains over 50 short video clips/ resources about The Vikings. These include:

  • A Viking grave – An archaeologist explains why the discovery of a Viking grave is important.
  • The Viking code – A short poem, with images, telling of the Viking code.
  • Viking artefacts – Viking and Anglo-Saxon men look at artefacts during a visit to the Jorvik Viking Centre.
  • Viking clothing – A description of the type of clothes that the Vikings wore, homemade and practical.
  • Viking farms – A Viking and an Anglo-Saxon discuss the differences between how they live.
  • Viking Food – Learn about the sort of food that the Vikings ate and how it was prepared and cooked.
  • Viking gods – A look at Viking gods and monsters
  • Viking longships – Viking warrior describes the features of a Viking longship and explains what life was like on board.

bbc viking quest game

BBC Viking Quest Game

Key Stages 1 – 2

Play the game of ‘Viking Quest’, which takes you back to AD 793. Can you build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize?

bbc viking sagas

BBC Schools Radio Viking Sagas

Key Stages 1 – 2

10 short Viking stories to download and replay. Each activity is accompanied by a transcript that can be printed and distributed to your pupils.

bbc viking song

BBC Schools Radio Viking Sea Songs

Key Stages 1 – 2

10 Viking saga songs for your pupils to learn. PDF files (Words and music ) can be downloaded from the BBC Schools Radio website.


British Museum The Vikings

Key Stages 1 – 2

Images and information about the following artefacts can be downloaded from the website:

Comb, Bone Pin, Iron spearhead, Silver Bracelet, Silver disc brooch and a Gold-arm ring.


Historical Association – The Vikings For Teachers

Resources including accompanying Teacher’s Notes include:

Vikings: Who were they? Teacher’s notes

Vikings Settle down

The thing and Viking migration,3701_131.html

Viking burial mound

Egils Saga(Literacy activity)


The Jorvik Visitor Centre

Key Stages 1 – 2

Download from the website a copy of the 2014/15 educational programme and view the extensive set of Viking classroom resources.

Free pupil worksheets include: Jorvik – A Viking City, The Viking capture of York, Place names and personal names, houses and weapons.


primary homework vikings

Primary homework help – The Vikings

Key Stages 1 – 2

Designed by Mandy Barrow this website site contains a suberb list of resources for teachers and pupils about The Vikings in Britain.


Royal Museums Greenwich – The Vikings

Key Stages 1 – 2

The Vikings at sea! Learn about the longboats used by the Viking warriors to travel across the North Sea.

history of york

The history of York

Key Stages 1 – 2

The website includes information about:

  • Who were the Vikings?
  • Life in Viking York
  • Viking industry and trade
  • The Viking kingdom
  • Anglo-Scandinavian York

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Every School The Vikings

Key Stage 2 resources

This compilation of resources includes:

  • Poem – King Canute
  • Poem – History of the vikings
  • Interactive game – Viking Quest
  • Interactive game – Build a Viking Longship and Longhouse


Snaith Primary Schools – The Vikings

Key Stages 1 – 2

Find on the website resources to answer the key questions listed below:

  • Who were the Vikings?
  • Who were their gods and goddesses?
  • Where did the Vikings go on their travels?
  • What evidence have we that the Vikings were setters?


The Vikings – Free lesson plans, activities, games and PowerPoint presentations.

Fairy tales and myths, puzzles, Viking Art, Ruin Stones and Viking homes.


National geographic for kids 10 facts about the Vikings

Key Stages 1 – 2

Learn about life of a Scandinavian sea warrior.