Learn about local archaeological projects that are taking place close to your school!

The East Sussex Historic Environment Record (ESHER) database contains information about many of archaeological sites, finds and historic monuments in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. The database includes information on excavations and protected sites; detailed topographical data for specific areas; surveys of the historic landscape and urban areas; historic maps; historic buildings, parks and gardens; sites and monuments; and information about research projects. There are over 21,000 recorded archaeological sites and digital copies of around 2,000 archaeological reports, aerial photographs and a library of archaeological and historical sources.

What can archaeology teach us about the past? – Looking for evidence of Bronze and Iron Age settlements

Pupils can find information about historical sites and artefacts found near to their school by either searching the ESHER database or using the interactive map. Both these resources can be accessed by clicking on the URL links below.

ESHER databasehttp://www.thekeep.info/collections/advancedsearch
Interactive Maphttp://www.thekeep.info/map/

For additional information about on how to use the spreadsheet and the interactive map download a copy of the accompanying “How To” PDF.

Can our pupils post their work on the ESHER website?

Pupils can add their own work to the database by posting their comments on the ESHER website or by mailing the project team direct as information on the map is regularly updated by professional archaeologists, academics, students, local societies and members of the public.

For more information e-mail: County.HER@eastsussex.gov.uk

Using historical artefacts in the classroom

Do you want to set your pupils the challenge of being archaeologists and finding out what real artefacts found under the ground were used for in the past?

The East Sussex County Council Archaeological Team has a set of archaeology toolboxes that are available for schools to borrow. To find out how you can acquire one of the loan boxes click on the URL below.