The National Education Network (NEN) provides schools with access to a wide range of free high quality digital teaching and learning resources. These include:

Key Stages 1-2

Find out about favourite foods from different periods in history. Discover what Stone Age men and women ate for breakfast? What did the typical meal of a Viking warrior consist of and what would a wealthy Roman family have offered visitors for dinner?

Use the hundreds of recipes to prepare and cook some of these meals and to discover today if we enjoy a more balanced diet than our ancestors?

History’s Heroes

Historys Heroes
Key Stages 1 – 2

Use this website to research and learn about Boudicca and Queen Ethelflaed. Find out how their actions impacted on those living around them and decide if each deserves to be included on the “History’s Heroes” website and if their actions contributed in part to Britain becoming the nation that it is today?

Museum Box

Key Stages 1-2

Museum Box provides pupils with the multimedia tools (video, photographs, text, audio) to build an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. Consider, what items would you put in a box to describe the life of a Stone Age builder, a Bronze Age traveller or a Roman soldier?

Picture Teller

Key Stages 1 – 2

This tool allows pupils to use their own pictures and audio to build a presentation (i.e. Life in Roman Britain.) Features include a simple zoom tool to focus in on items and a range of text tools to add written details to each slide frame.

National Education Network Gallery

Key Stages 1 – 2

Looking for images of Life in Stone or Iron and Age Britain, homes in a Roman town or Vikings warriors? Then visit and explore the National Education Network Gallery (NEN Gallery) where you will find thousands of copyright free resources uploaded by teachers and schools.

Across the Board

Key Stages 1 – 2

Designed by E2BN for the British Museum, Across the Board is a wonderful website that will introduce pupils to the popular board games played by their ancestors. Included on the website is the game Nine men Morris that was played by the Centurions that guarded Hadrian’s Wall nearly two thousand years ago!